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Why Should You Choose Us For Teeth Whitening?

A smile is the best accessory anyone can wear. Having a stunning smile can boost your confidence and transform your appearance radically, giving you a positive outlook and positivity that will help you excel at life.

However, many people cannot enjoy this confidence in their life as their smile fades with time due to multiple factors. These include the consumption of caffeinated items such as coffee, wine, and tea, and also those edibles that come with strong colouring agents and acidity. In addition to that, smoking can also cause discoloration of your teeth.

Unique Laser has the best answer to all your problems as the experienced team of professionals can help you smile at your best and prevent your teeth from getting discoloured again. LED teeth whitening comes as an innovative technique for fighting off discolouration happening in your teeth.

With an extensive research and treatments for teeth whitening tested and tried, we offer you the best package using LED teeth whitening that will give you the confidence you wanted, that too at highly affordable rates.

Benefits from our LED Teeth Whitening Services

Major benefits from our teeth whitening services include:

1. Your teeth will get whiter from 5 to up to 14 shades

2. The whole process is quite safe and gentle to use

3. The whole process takes less than an hour

4. Get long lasting results

How Does Our LED Teeth Whitening Process Work?

After consultation from our experts, they will apply a gel to your teeth. The gel constitutes of Hydrogen Peroxide of 6 per cent that is the optimum cosmetic strength that is available. People having sensitive teeth are given with an alternate gel with a milder strength having the same effect.

LED Teeth Whitening comes with an LED lamp technology which is used in the teeth whitening technique and activates the gel when placed for 20 to 40 minutes. It depends on the severity of the stain of your teeth and the preferable method by which you want to treat your teeth.

We, at our clinic make sure that you get instant results in time, where you can just relax and count us for the best results in LED teeth whitening.

Is LED Teeth Whitening at Our Clinic Safe?

Other treatments in the market use UV lights that are harmful for the epidermal layer causing blisters, our treatments do not involve any UV source, so it is a highly safe option for everyone for above 16 age group. You can always trust us in this matter and expect positive results in a highly safe and effective method of treatment for your teeth at affordable prices that you deserve. 

Why Should You Choose Us For Teeth Whitening?
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