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Window Glass Replacement Guide

Now windows are a huge part of your home that can make your home look good and decent. When they break it feels like a little part of your heart is broken as it dents the decency of your house and with it also makes you feel sad.


Here we will tell you how window glass replacement can help you out even if it is a temporary fix.

If you are thinking to fix the window on temporary basis then here, you go:

  • First you use tape on cracked glass on both sides. By using this tape further cracks won’t happen.
  • You can use polish of nails to paint on the small window chips. It will help to ensure that seal is done on the window, but it can only be done on small things.
  • Another way is to use part of a mesh that can be glued on the crack so that in cold weathers there is minimization of cold winds and don’t forget about those pesky bugs.
  • One more thing to do is to use some sort of sheet made of plastic and tape it all over the crack or whole so that it can be sealed properly.

Well those were some ways to fix the glass in a temporary manner however going for a fix solution might need a professional but if you are interested in doing it yourself as a DIY then follow the mentioned steps although they are explained in brief yet you will have some knowledge about the fixture.

  • First thing is to be safe when it comes working with window glass replacement Central Coast. Always wear gloves and goggles so that the risk of being hurt is minimized.
  • Now using putty knife, take out all the old putty so that the remaining pieces of glass can be taken out.
  • If you come across any type of obstacle such as nails, then take them out also.
  • It is a good idea to throw away all the pieces of glass so that you have a nice space to work on.
  • Using sanding paper, you smooth the frame of window so that it all fits easily.
  • Now comes the part where you have to take some measurements for the window glass replacement, by doing this you can order a glass that can fit easily to it.
  • Now buy yourself a new glass that is cut down to your specifications.
  • Now by using new glaze all over the frame will ensure that your window is intact, and it doesn’t become lose.
  • Now just go ahead and install the new glass, install every new item that was removed.
  • After that apply glaze on the sides of glass and smooth is out for any excess and let it dry. 

Although these steps may still seem bit complicated yet if done by professionals such as, then you don’t need to worry about anything else.

Window Glass Replacement Guide
Window Glass Replacement Guide
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